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With the changing business scenario, many important meetings have now moved from Conference rooms to Dining Tables. It is very important to focus on what you want to achieve during the course of the meal rather than getting lost looking at the dishes and cutlery laid on the table. Many a times, we either don’t realize that we have an image to project to our clients or we are too conscious about it.

Here are some of the dos and don’t s that can help you stay focused and confident during that business lunch or dinner.

Know this if you are the host

  • Know your guests’ profile
  • Send invites well in advance
  • Know your guests’ preferences
  • Select a place which is convenient for your clients to reach
  • Be aware of your budget (This can range from a few thousands to lakhs)
  • Reserve your table in advance , preferably a corner table which is quiet and you are audible to each other
  • Be at the venue before your guests arrive
  • Let the waiting staff know that you are the host , so the bill is given to you.
  • Bill and Tip is to be paid by the host

If you are a Guest

  • Accept the invitation at the earliest
  • Dress appropriately , find out if the venue has any dress code to be followed
  • Be punctual, being late by even 10 to 15 mins can show you under poor light.
  • Appreciate the food and venue , please do not point out flaws , remember your host has taken the pain to arrange it

When at the Dining table

  • Napkins should go on your lap , when you are seated. And if you have to excuse yourself leave the napkin on the chair
  • Are you confused as to which spoon or fork to pick up ? remember to always move from the ones placed outermost beside your plate to those closest to it. The cutlery which is laid at the outermost is used first. It also gives you an idea about what is served as a first course
  • Used cutlery never goes back on the table , so please place them on the plate.
  • Glasses always go on your right hand side. Use them and put them back there. Don’t fret over which glass is for what, usually the waiters pour the drink in an appropriate glass
  • Don’t talk with food in your mouth , you can choose small morsels of food so as to keep going with the conversation
  • Don’t point the cutlery at others when you speak, its considered rude and can be regarded as a threatening gesture
  • Engage in short conversations with people seated around you
  • The bill is usually paid by the host, the person who invited you, so don’t jump up to grab the bill
  • After the business lunch or dinner you may send a thank you note to your host. Its considered polite
  • Remember, Business Lunches and Dinners are meant for Business , so be careful not get into Sunday Family Brunch mode

By Sami Almas,  dated –  2nd  February ‘2015

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Hurray The Sale  Season is Here Again            sale

It’s the Sale Season again, It’s that time of the year where all roads lead to malls and stores . With too many discounts and offers on your favorite brands, as exciting as it gets, it can be stressful too as you are confused of what to choose from.

Maestro Image Consulting brings you some tips to help you shop –

1. Check your current wardrobe – Before you go shopping, check your wardrobe and make a list of  items you want to buy – don’t buy anything just because it is at a discounted price.

2. Decide on a Budget and stick to it – Decide and mark a budget with an estimate of how much you want to spend at which store, so you don’t end up spending everything on one or 2 items and then regret.

3. Shop on a weekday – Yes, though its difficult to go shopping during the week , it’s the best time to go during a sale. The stores are too crowded during the weekends. You have long queues at the trial rooms and even the staff cannot be of much assistance due to the high number of customers.

4. Trial Trial – Try out the items you want to buy, never pick up something because it’s looking good on the stand or on the mannequin. Check out how it looks on you , if the colours and styles suit your body type. Buy clothes that enhance your personality.

5. Be the First – Visit a store during the early days of sale , so you can have a lot to choose from , different sizes and styles.

6. Eat well before you shop – Before you hit the shopping streets make sure you have eaten. Once you enter a store, it may take longer than you anticipated. Hunger can influence your judgement, so don’t spoil your shopping experience due to this. Its also a good idea to carry a small snack with you, a power bar or biscuits etc.

7. Wear Comfortable Clothing – When you are shopping make sure you are wearing something very comfortable , which is easy to change because you might visit the trial room multiple times, Also you will be spending a lot of time standing and walking around , so don’t go in for high heels or any uncomfortable footwear.

Ok, Is all the above too much for you to think ???

Hire a Personal Shopper and save your time , money and energy.!!

Happy Shopping to You All !!!!!


By Sami Almas,  dated – 5th January ‘2015

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Image – Not just a cover
Our life is one big story , our image is like the book which tells that story . We assume that image is just the cover , we think an impressive cover will make the book a big hit.

Well, what we don’t realize is when it comes to the book of our life, our image is not just the cover, it is a lot more than that. As it is said “Don’t judge the book by its cover ” , do not be misled by believing that an attractive attire or a mask on your face will help define your image.

Image is a reflection of our life, defined by our attitude, goals , our roles and influencing success in what we do.
To have an impactful image we need to work on our inner self as well. Just like a great book requires the author to work through every fine detail , drafting , editing , scrutinizing and proof reading.

We need to review our goals, capabilities in detail and work on the areas of improvement . Through the course of this, we commit mistakes, learn from them , understand how to handle situations , work meticulously just like an author works on his/her book trying to get a book with an awe-inspiring and enchanting story.

Only when the enticing cover matches rest of the book, we can be assured of the readers’ attention and accolades.

So let’s work on both the cover and story for the amazing book of our life.

– Sami

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