Why Image Management?

Image is a perception of who you are on people’s minds and what they think of you. Appearance and behavior of a person are the key image defining elements.

The age-old expression “first impression is the best impression” is what, in most instances, defines your success or failure in inter-personal deals, whether it be an interview, securing a favour, taking forward a business proposition or even get served first in a busy restaurant. Well, it could also land you a best groom or a bride!

People certainly get impressed with your knowledge and output in the long run but they can be made more comfortable in accepting you right at the beginning if you project the right image. The way you are dressed, the way you look at a person, the way you react to others, even simple things as adherence to punctuality, all could be tuned to generate a favorable response in others. The two elements – appearance and behavior – are vital in developing and projecting a right image of yours in any circumstance. Aristocracy did this always but commoners, you and I, could also do this if only we know how.

The Maestro Image Consulting Service was created to help you in this. Its courses are designed to advise you in improving your personal appearance and behavior. They are custom-made for various situations in life and various levels of responsibility in your professional career. Our Service treats image building not only as an art but also as a science, with tangible and defined results, a fact attested to readily by our past and current clients.

We invite you to refer to our catalogue for our various Image Management Solutions. We could also design specific courses if your requirements or the context are different.